Thursday, November 28, 2013

YourTea: 28 Day TinyTea Teatox | First Impression + Review

TinyTea: 28 Day Teatox

 Recently I've been looking through the explore page on Instagram and a couple of weeks ago I came across the Australian Brand, YourTea. After looking at their profile and their posts I became quite interested in their 'TinyTea: 28 Day Teatox', since I'm trying to drop a few pounds myself! Of course I was quite skeptical as to whether I should purchase this tea or not since more often than less, I feel that weight-loss aids, like teas, do not really work but rather produces a placebo affect. None the less, after doing some research, I saw and read so many great customer stories and thought I would give the product a go!

I went ahead, ordered my very own 28 day TinyTea Teatox and waited patiently for the next couple of days! Unfortunately my package got lost (I was so sad) but I contacted YourTea and I must say that their customer service was impeccable! They were on board with solving my problem and made sure to find a way to get my 28 day TinyTea Teatox to my door! Thank you for making this girl super happy! If you are not familiar with the TinyTea Teatox, it is a tea that helps remove waste, toxins and water retention, detoxifies your body, and aids in weight-loss while keeping your energy levels up! (p.s. there is no caffeine in this product!)

Yourtea upholds that their tea has NO LAXATIVES and uses all natural ingredients to help "truly cleanse and nourish your digestive system". It also helps speed up your metabolism, burns calories and suppresses your appetite!

Although I can't make a full review on the tea at this point, I would like to say that the taste of the tea is not bad. It does taste like any normal tea in my opinion, particularly green tea. I have been drinking the tea about half an hour before my main meals although I find that drinking the tea before breakfast is the most difficult since I want to eat right when I wake up! Overall, I am enjoying the tea so far and will be back next week for a 7 day update to share my thoughts! Can't wait to see the results to come! Until then, Sips away!

If you'd like to purchase your own TinyTea Teatox or simply want to take a peek at the website you can do so by clicking HERE

(I have since had updates on this tea which you can click on the corresponding post for: 1st Update2nd UpdateFinal Update)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Mani Monday | Feathers, Tribal & Glitter

My most adored activity next to get getting my hair done would be getting my nails done! I just recently, over the past year, have fallen in love with using colors and designs to make my fingers look prettier. Prior to this year, I really disliked any types of colors on my fingers (I thought it looked weird on my fingers). If I ever did get my nails done though it would be a french tip and that was all. Nothing less, nothing more. Now, with my addiction to nails I can't wait to share with you all the designs that come across my fingers! (how punny, haha) Also, Instagram & Pinterest are my best friends when looking up new nails designs! I'm serious!

The inspiration behind these nails came from a dreamcatcher, particularly the feathers dangling from a dreamcatcher. I always associate dreamcatchers with some sort of tribal looking pattern, so having the feather and tribal were a must! As for the colour scheme, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do but thought I would keep things neutral and go for a natural look with a spice of glitter! (I've been loving the accent glitter nail!)

The designs were stamped on using one of those Konad stamping kits, and the shellac/gel is from the brand LCN. (Not sure of the colour though, I think it might be Matchmaker)

I've really been loving my nails this time around but can't wait to get into some holiday designs!
What are you favorite nail designs for the holidays?

Much Love, 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ombré Hair | Fall Hair

It's that time of season again, Fall! …Although it really seems like winter, brrr. One of my favorite aspects of fall is the fact that I can begin to change up my wardrobe & my hair! (p.s. I'm one of those people who counts the days down until my next hair appointment, I love hair appointments!) This year I thought I would try something a little different. Ombré. I've had highlights, low lights, and a natural grown ombré, but never have I gone into the salon to ask for one. At the time of my appointment, I must admit that I was a little nervous. Sometimes I go into the salon without an inkling of inspiration or idea of what I want to do with my hair. (side note: I probably am the most talkative, indecisive, and contradictive person you will ever meet when in the salon! There are times when I really can't decide if I want a big change or minimal change but yet I want both! Ask anyone!) Despite my nervousness, it did take me two trips to the salon to get exactly what I wanted & you know what? I love it.
Note: For some reason the camera picked up more of a warm tone in my hair when it really looks cooler! The first photo is the most true to colour of my hair though).

You can definitely see the blond show through when my hair is curled opposed to it being straight! 

This time around I tried to go more ashy at the bottom with the blond, which is quite hard for me since I have a darker head of color to begin with! Regardless of the difficulty, my hairstylist, Sarah did a phenomenal job! (btw I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany! Can't wait until you get back to start a new project with my hair!)

I can't wait until my next appointment already! What are you loving about the hair trends this fall?

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moustache Macarons | Movember

Where has time gone? I can't believe that it's almost the end of November! Speaking of the month of November, I'm sure you have all heard of the signature theme that accompanies this month, Movember. I love the meaning and reason behind this cause of supporting men's health through the power of the moustache! What is more manly than a moustache, right? Through this everlasting impact, awareness in the world is raised to combat prostate and testicular cancer! Never thought that moustaches could help make the world a better place! Now, in support of Movember, I couldn't help but share with you these adorable moustache creations that I got my mitts on, literally! Plus, they were super delicious! Thanks Susan, you're the best!

Support Movember by clicking HERE!

Just looking at these, I want some more!
I just had to arrange these cuties into a christmas tree!
 Chocolate, Pink Berry & Black Liquorice. Yes Please.
Yum, well wasn't that delicious?

Much Love,


Welcome to JennsPhilosophy!

Hello, Hello! If you haven't already read my 'About' page then welcome! Welcome to JennsPhilosophy! I am so ecstatic to finally be starting my own blog! If you don't already know I make videos on YouTube under the name JennsPhilosophy so if that tickles your fancy then feel free to click  here to check it out :)

To start off, I am very new to blogging, and it has probably taken me the past week to actually have the courage to start up this blog/website! Although, every time I thought about it, I just got so excited and wanted to sit in a cozy place and type away (which I am now finally doing!).

Where do I begin? Well after coming across a few blogs and reading through them I thought: "What the hey? I want to start one too!" Seeing all the pretty templates that other bloggers had, definitely pushed me into wanting to start a blog even more & you can basically read blogs from anywhere, not that you can't watch videos from anywhere but sometimes it is just easier to read a blog!

Besides making videos on Youtube, I love photography. I love how photographers can make you feel more beautiful than you thought you were through one single image, or make you feel the emotions that a photograph can evoke just by changing the lighting, shadows, or positioning of objects. It is absolutely a favorite of mine! Since I am not a professional photographer and have no real reason to take photographs, I thought that blogging would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I can finally share pictures I take through this blog. Oh boy! Isn't that exciting?

Now, what will you find on my blog? Hmm.. you will probably find a whole sha-bang of things, ranging from beauty & fashion to DIYs to even food! (P.S. I love food!) I definitely don't want to limit myself on here, so be expected to find lots of exciting posts!

I really hope you enjoy & and if you'd like to know more feel free to get in touch! (You can find all my whereabouts here)

Much love,