Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to JennsPhilosophy!

Hello, Hello! If you haven't already read my 'About' page then welcome! Welcome to JennsPhilosophy! I am so ecstatic to finally be starting my own blog! If you don't already know I make videos on YouTube under the name JennsPhilosophy so if that tickles your fancy then feel free to click  here to check it out :)

To start off, I am very new to blogging, and it has probably taken me the past week to actually have the courage to start up this blog/website! Although, every time I thought about it, I just got so excited and wanted to sit in a cozy place and type away (which I am now finally doing!).

Where do I begin? Well after coming across a few blogs and reading through them I thought: "What the hey? I want to start one too!" Seeing all the pretty templates that other bloggers had, definitely pushed me into wanting to start a blog even more & you can basically read blogs from anywhere, not that you can't watch videos from anywhere but sometimes it is just easier to read a blog!

Besides making videos on Youtube, I love photography. I love how photographers can make you feel more beautiful than you thought you were through one single image, or make you feel the emotions that a photograph can evoke just by changing the lighting, shadows, or positioning of objects. It is absolutely a favorite of mine! Since I am not a professional photographer and have no real reason to take photographs, I thought that blogging would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I can finally share pictures I take through this blog. Oh boy! Isn't that exciting?

Now, what will you find on my blog? Hmm.. you will probably find a whole sha-bang of things, ranging from beauty & fashion to DIYs to even food! (P.S. I love food!) I definitely don't want to limit myself on here, so be expected to find lots of exciting posts!

I really hope you enjoy & and if you'd like to know more feel free to get in touch! (You can find all my whereabouts here)

Much love,


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