Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day 2013 | Haul


Did you brave the malls and take advantage of the crazy & massive boxing day sales? I definitely did and might I say that my wallet is much thinner in size now! note to self: don't shop as much. SAVE MONEY!

First of all...if you don't know what boxing day is then let me explain. Easiest way to put it is: Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and is basically like Black Friday!

This years boxing day sale was a little different for me, but I am not sure if it was because I went by myself shopping or I just knew that I had a certain mission which was to get in, get what I needed and get out! This year I did not dilly dally and go into stores like Forever21 or Urban Outfitters which are usually one of my hotspots that I always enjoy going into. Nope, not this time! I knew that it was going to be an absolute mess and had no patience to : Wait in line for either a change room/till and/or even go through the mess of clothing items strewn throughout the whole store!

Also, I mostly didn't go to Forever21 and Urban Outfitters because I blew all my money at Lululemon and Steve Madden. Foolish me.

Anyways, Lululemon didn't have amazing deals but they had some shirts and pants that were about $20 off! I did have to pay full price for my wunder unders though.. which sucked!

From Steve Madden I picked up a pair of boots that I have been eyeing for so long! They would be the Chaarger boot! I love these boots more than any of my other boots at the moment!

Last places I went for the day would be Aeropostale & Sephora. From Aeropostale I picked up a pair of the black and white tribal looking pants from the Bethany Mota Collection which are so soft and fuzzy! Then, from Sephora I picked up a Korres brightening face wash and sleeping cream, two Boscia moisturizers and a cookie scented Philosophy gift set!

I definitely would say that this year I went in to the stores that were a must, and if I didn't see the rest then it was okay! I stood in line to get into Lululemon for about 10 minutes was worth it! I Love Lululemon! Now I'm crossing my fingers that I can find that Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag on sale!

What did you do for Christmas? Did you find any amazing deals for Boxing Day?



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