Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello December | 2013

What!? - It's December already? Where has the year gone? I always find myself asking those same rhetorical questions year after year! Besides the summer months, my second favorite time of year would be December. I think I just realized that now. Why? It seems like the time of year where we can bathe ourselves in the idea of gift giving, jolliness, generosity, warmth, coziness, and the list could go on. There seems to be something so special about this time of year. The holidays. It's like the world comes together as a whole with whatever tradition they have and it unites us all together.
I swear the world slows down a little bit by December; although the days feel shorter, the month feels so much longer. It slows down just enough to allow me to stop for one second and embrace the world around me. 

Now, there are a few things that I am completely stoked about for this winter. But, to be honest with you, for the most part, I hate winter. Reasons:
1. It's cold
2. I can't drive anywhere without leaving 30 minutes earlier than regular departure time or else I'll be late. 
3. Parking lots suddenly hold less cars because people don't know how to park.
4. People suddenly forget how to drive when snow appears on the ground.
5. It's cold
6. My hair turns into icicles when I walk out of the swimming pool
7. I have to wear a jacket..and a long sleeve shirt, cardigan, pants, socks, boots, hat, scarf and mitts. 
8. I have to buy new tires for my car
9. I can't roll down my windows and feel the warm breeze, because IT'S COLD + mostly because my windows are glued shut by the ice!
10. It looks gross outside
11. I hate wearing a jacket when I have to pee in public bathrooms (I know this is weird but it's the truth)
12. I can't wear shorts
13. I can't wear my Birkenstocks
14. People have gross germs
15. I have to use my windshield wipers more than I have to
Oh and did I forget to mention..IT'S COLD!

I mean even though these are only a handful of the reasons why I hate winter, here is a quick list of why I can find the time of day to enjoy it:
1. Snowboarding
And...that's about it! 

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, I just hate winter! What are some things YOU love/hate about the winter months?

Much Love,


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