Thursday, December 5, 2013

YourTea: 28 Day TinyTea Teatox | 1st Update

Jenn here - reporting for duty! So as promised last week, I said I'd be back for a 7 day update on the YourTea: 28 day TinyTea Teatox! (wow, that was a mouthful!). This post is an update post regarding the progress of the YourTea: 28 day TinyTea Teatox. If you haven't already, please feel free to check out the initial post HERE.

So far I haven't been having any issues with the tea, but I'll be honest with you, when I first started drinking it, I did not see any all! I was expecting to feel and see changes within the first 3 days, just like I had read from other success stories! Not to worry though, after that plateau of 3 days I did start to see differences! Especially in my energy levels! I learned this the hard way though..(staying up until 6 am). I know it says on the website to not drink the tea before bed, but since coffee doesn't usually have an affect on my sleep patterns, I thought it would be okay to drink this tea around 9 pm at night! BAD IDEA! I ended up staying up 'til the next morning, went to bed for 2 hours, then woke up at 8 am for a final exam, and STILL felt fresh as a daisy. Funny that this happened since the tea does not contain any caffeine at all (p.s. no caffeine = no weakening of bone density!)

Now, I didn't actually start to see a reduction in bloating until the 6th & 7th day! The reason why this may be different than other success stories is because everyone's bodies are different! Just like how exercising and eating foods has a different effect on different people, so does the tea! It really depends on how your body, personally, will react to it. Some people will react faster than others. For me, I guess it took a bit longer for my body to adjust!

I thought I would also talk about my diet during this teatox. I have not been dieting, meaning, I have been eating foods that will reach my calorie count per day, which is 1500 calories. (This does not exactly mean I am eating all healthy foods though!) As for exercise, I have not been vigorously exercising. Actually I haven't been really exercising at all. What I really want to test this teatox on is it's ability to keep my bloating down and aid in my weight-loss without any exercise or constant "dieting". (You know? A real test to see if it is the tea that is really helping or just having a good healthy routine). I feel it would be easier to test the ability of the teatox if I kept a control group. (No exercising/dieting) and just let the teatox do its own thing!

I hope this was helpful to you if you're wanting to purchase the tea, and if you already have it, then thanks for following along with my journey! More information on this tea can be found at YourTea's website! Again, I will be back for another 7 day update, next week! So stay tuned and see you then! :)

(I have since had updates on this tea which you can click on the corresponding post for: 2nd UpdateFinal Update)

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