Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Holiday Wishlist | Christmas 2013

How is this year coming to a close already!? But - before that, we can't forget about the holidays! (which is my favorite time of year!) I always find myself contemplating on what I want for Christmas, when the question is asked, but never come to a real conclusion. Some years, I don't even know what I want! Something that I absolutely love about the holidays is giving gifts and waiting to see the reactions of the gift openers! Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the joy on someone else's face! Although thinking of creative gifts for other is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays, receiving gifts is always a treat! p.s. here is My Holiday Wishlist for 2013! ;) *Wink, Wink, Hint, Hint*

#1: Michael Kors MINI-Size Tortoise and Rose Gold Tone Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch, 33mm
Michael Kors MINI-Size Tortoise and Rose Gold Tone Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch, 33mm
I have never really owned a watch before and think this one is a beautiful mix of rose gold and glitz! It is glamorous enough to be worn on a night out but also simple enough to be worn on an everyday basis! What I love most about this watch is the tortoise shell band. *cough, cough* it is cheaper if you buy it in-store and ask for a price match & can be found at Michael Kors, Holt Renfrew & Bloomingdales *cough, cough* ...hmmmm did you hear someone say something?...

#2: Marc Jacobs Black Classic Q Natasha
Marc Jacobs Black Classic Q Natasha
What more can I say than .. elegant & classic? This bag seems so spacious and can be matched with virtually any outfit!

#3: Lululemon Wunder Unders *Full-On Luon
Lululemon Wunder Unders *Full-On Luon
If any of you know me, I have an obsession with the Lululemon Wunder Unders (especially the Full-On Luon since they aren't see through!) These pants can be worn with a dressier top, to the gym or even just to lounge in! These are by far the comfiest pants I own that can allow me to be stylish at the same time! I can never own to many of these! But yet, I still do not own a black pair...

#4: Mophie Juice Pack Power Station USB Portable Battery Pack
Mophie Juice Pack Power Station USB Portable Battery Pack
Since I have switched over to the iPhone 5, I have lost use of my current Mophie Juice Pack which is only compatible to the iPhone 4s ): I loved this product so much since it could bring my phone back, from the dead, to a 100% charge - wherever I went! I need one of these! You don't understand how amazing it is to know that you have a back up stash of battery life when your phone dies 1/2 way into the day!

#5: Erin Condren Gray Monogram Party Pops Luggage
Erin Condren Gray Monogram Party Pops Luggage
Yes, I have an obscene obsession with Erin Condren products and when I found out that she released this product, I may have shot right out of my chair and bounced off any wall or floor I could find! I think it would be so adorable to have the letter "J" with a heart monogrammed beside it, on this suitcase!

#6: Pandora Charms
Pandora Charms
Since I have gotten a Pandora bracelet I have loved collecting charms. Each one I receive has a story behind it, and that is what I love. I enjoy looking at my bracelet and recollecting many past experiences & feelings! 

#7: Beauty Box Subscription (ie. Luxebox)
Beauty Box Subscription (i.e. above is Luxebox)
I absolutely love receiving beauty box subscriptions in the mail and seeing what I get to try out each month! I definitely enjoy the surprise of the unknown products, each month, the most! 

#8: Apple iPad Mini w/ Retina Display 32 GB
Apple iPad Mini w/ Retina Display 32 GB
All of my closest friends and family know that the only electronic products I own are made by Apple. Why? I have no idea. I have outgrown my iPad 1, which is starting to die and would like to make a new friend :) I like how portable and compact this iPad is compared to the original size! I used to be very against the mini-size and thought it was completely pointless, but I think it has grown on me! This iPad is the perfect size to read an ebook, surf the web, watch a movie & "place in your back pocket" as Apple likes to say (I think)! Not that my back pocket is nearly big enough to fit this iPad, let alone my iPhone. 

#9: Gift Cards for Gas
Gas Gift Card
Of all the gift cards I would love to receive I think the most practical and well used one would be a gas gift card. Personally, I hate having to go to the gas station to pay for gas! Who doesn't? I think it is so tedious to have to fill up your car with gas, to make it run! Note to self: Save up for an electric car!

#10: Love
Sometimes, all you need is love. 

p.s. I know some of these gifts may seem out of range, but's my wishlist!

What is on your wishlist this year?

Much Love,



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