Monday, December 2, 2013

November Favorites | 2013

Bonjour Mes Amis! It is that time of month again, favorites time! I haven't done a favorites video on my Youtube for quite a while but I am so excited to release my first one here! Now, although I have a small selection of favorites this month, I have discovered new items and relished on past ones! (Don't you love rediscovering something you loved before, and then remembering why you fell in love with it in the first place? I totally do!)

Here are my favorites for the month of November!

1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
I dropped reading this book, so I thought it would be appropriate to pick it back up again since I have more time to read! I also am loving what is happening in the story so far! Book review?!

2. Eyenvy
I didn't know if I should've spent the big bucks I did to purchase this item but I am happy I did, because my lashes are looking luscious!

3. NYX Black eyeliner pencil
I love black eyeliner. That is all. (This pencil liner has been lasting me super long, which means I don't have to go out an always buy a new one! That's a plus for my gas tank & wallet!)

4. Moroccan Oil
A Classic! Since winter is here, my hair has felt a lot drier & being in the swimming pool so often - the chlorine dries it out real bad! So, I need to let my hair drink this stuff up! (Side note: It makes my hair feel so soft, and smell so delicious!)

5. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (New Vibe)
This blush is the perfect amount of glow & rose! I feel like this blush gives my face a little life! (p.s. this blush really does stay on for a long period of time!)

6. Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve (Pattern: Raspberry Pink?)
I've been really into running and working out lately so I thought I would go ahead and invest in a second Run: Swiftly Tech, my first one was grey, but I needed a little sprinkle of pink! I love how this shirt keeps my sweat and body heat under control!

7. Lululemon Wunder Under Full-On Luon Pants *Brushed (Pattern: Heather Herringbone)
First of all, I love the pattern. Second, I love the feel of the pants. If I am not wearing shorts, then I am wearing Lululemon's Wunder Unders! I can not explain how comfortable they are. They were quite a bit of money, but they are definitely worth the cost! Since they are also brushed (they have an extra layer of "fluff", as I like to say, layered on the inside - it keeps you really warm!)

8YourTea: TinyTea 28 Day Teatox
I just started this Teatox in the last week of November, but let me tell you, although I haven't noticed a big difference in weight loss yet, what I have noticed is a big difference in my energy levels! This Tea (which has no caffeine) gave me energy when I was all drained out of my own! 

If you have any favorites that you love please feel free to comment below and let me know! I would love to see what you were loving in November!

Much Love, 


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