Thursday, December 12, 2013

YourTea: 28 Day TinyTea Teatox | 2nd Update

Jenn back - for an update! I hope your week has gone by splendidly because I have definitely lost more sleep than I ever have in my life over the course of just one week, going nuts over finals!

This week was a little up and down for my tea drinking since I've had no time but to have my head in books, but I did realize something; It was that the tea really does work. For about a day or two this week, I had been really off with drinking the tea and I immediately felt the imbalance. I felt so run down, and out of energy when I missed my happy dose of the Teatox. Funny thing is, when I started back on my regular schedule it was like nothing had happened! I definitely know now that this tea is a great source of energy when I need it!

As for the bloating, I can finally see a more significant difference. I am not saying I have acquired a six-pack but I am fitting into my pants a little bet better!

P.s. I have still been following the same exercise & eating regimen.

p.s.s if you haven't checked out the previous posts about the tea feel free to check out the introductory post HERE and the 1st update HERE

Sorry for this very scramble-minded post! I'm on my 36th hour of staying awake... studying! Gotta get back to work now! Be sure to come back next week to see the next update!

(I have since had an update on this tea which you can click on the corresponding post for: Final Update)

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