Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Life: DIY Recipe Book | First Impressions & Review

We are a little over 2 weeks into the New Year and I am happy to share that I've got a good kick start to my goals/resolutions! I may have gone out for wing night this week but I did stop by Michael's Craft store to get some materials to make a recipe book! Whenever I'm hungry, I open my fridge then realize that I don't know how to make anything delicious or I just choose an unhealthy snack from the pantry! (or worse...I go out and get something!) So... I thought that making my own recipe book would be the perfect way to not only hit my goals of SAVING money & eating out less but also helping me with becoming more healthy!

What do I love about the Project Life: DIY Recipe Book?
1. Color. I LOVE COLOR! I feel like color just brightens my day & makes me want to use the recipe book!

2. Dividers. I love how the recipe book can be organized and I love the fact that I can reference things quickly without having to flip through every single page!

3. Design. Not only do I love the color but I am all about aesthetics when it comes to anything. I love the polka dots, and the picnic table just adds a special touch! 

4. Card Holding Template. I can put pictures beside my recipe? The fact that I can include a real picture into my recipe book makes me feel like the book is a real published one! I love seeing what food looks like! 

5. Themed Cards. With the themed cards I can add special notes to the recipe without making the recipe page itself look cluttered!

Do you have a recipe book at home? OR  Do you have any to-die-for recipes to share? (LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW!)




  1. I saw this stuff last time I went to Michaels, and I had to buy it....I LOVE the colors! I still need to buy a binder...just not sure which one!

    1. All the binders are so cute, I can never pick which ones I want!

  2. I got the red binder with the white polka dots for my recipe book. It looks fabulous all put together.