Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mani Monday | Turquoise Tribals

I'm totally aware that it isn't Monday today at all, but I definitely wasn't aware of that yesterday which is why this weeks Mani Monday is late! Lucky I remembered regardless though. This weeks Mani Monday was inspired by a favorite Youtuber of mine that goes by the username HauteBrilliance! She posted a couple pictures of herself with this particular nail art and I fell in love with it! If you haven't checked her out please go ahead and do so and tell her that I sent you over!

Do you have any other nail art designs you'd like to see?! Let me know because I need some!



Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Tea(m) Towels | Do It Yourself

Couples Set: Tea(m) Towels

This week has been full of DIYs hasn't it!? Since we are on the theme of couples gifts this week, I thought it would only be appropriate to finish this weeks DIYs off with some Tea(m) Towels! These Tea(m) towels were inspired off of etsy, actually! I wanted to find a cheap and quick way to create these towels especially if you are a on a budget! If you need a visual of the steps that I will be listing below you can watch the corresponding youtube video that I posted on my youtube channel! These tea towels are perfect for clean up messes & connecting you and your darling in the kitchen!


Tea Towels (preferably a canvas materials or something of a similar texture)
Fabric Paint
Printed Stencil (The font I used was Snell Roundhand & the font size was 364.5)


Make sure to have your stencils printed and ready to go!

Step 1. Protect your surface! If you have a thin tea towel the worst that could happen is your fabric paint seeps down to your working surface and stains it!

Step 2. Take your stencil and place it underneath your tea towel. (note: if your tea towel is too thick to see the stencil through the fabric on the surface that you are working on, then I would suggest taping your stencil to a window & then do the same with your tea towel! This way the light can shine right through the fabric and you are able to see your design!)

Step 3. Draw!

Step 4. Let it dry! Make sure to let it try all the way before you do anything with it! You don't want to smudge your design.

Step 5. Enjoy!

I hope you were able to follow along! If you have any other DIYs you would like to see please let me know!



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DIY Sharpie Mug | Do It Yourself

Couples Set (His & Hers): DIY Sharpie Mug

I am back with yet another DIY using some sort of mug or cup! I just think these DIYs involving cups are so classic and can be personalized however way you would like! This DIY is much, much easier & simpler than the etched glass mason jar mug! I promise! Like the last DIY, I have this project on my youtube channel as a visual if you need it! I hope you can follow along! Good Luck!


White Mug
White Vinegar


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 1. You will need to clean the surface of your mug with some white vinegar and a paper towel. This is to remove any finger oil or dirt off of the surface and to create the optimal canvas for your sharper to stick to.

Step 2. Practice on a piece of paper the design that you would like to create. (note: personally, I found this much easier as I could "build up my confidence" before drawing on the mug!)

Step 3. Use your sharpie of any color and draw on the mug! You might ask..."What if I make a mistake?" Well you don't have to sweat it! You can use your white vinegar and carefully remove your mistake. I'd recommend using a cotton swab if you need to erase intricate designs!

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with your design then go ahead and stick your mugs in the oven, that you preheat to 350 degrees fahrenheit, for 30 minutes!

Step 5. Remove from the oven and allow for the mugs to cool. Once this is completed then you can go ahead and wrap them up as a gift or use them yourself!

Hopefully you followed along with this DIY! Are there any other DIYs that you'd like to see involving mugs or cups?!



Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Glass Etched Mason Jar Mugs | Do It Yourself

Couple Set (His & Hers): Glass Etched Mason Jar Mugs
Hello, Hello! I discovered this adorable idea a couple weeks before Valentine's Day and thought that it would be a perfect gift for any time of the year! This was rather quick & easy to make but yet it looks like you spent a fair amount of time on it. I created a video if you would like to see a full visual of how I created these glass etched mason jar mugs! I hope you can follow along!


Clear Glass Cup
Glass Etching Cream (The one I am using is from Martha Stewart's collection)
Vinyl Adhesive Stencils (This is also from the Martha Stewart Collection as well! p.s. you can also use regular adhesive stickers and be creative!)
Painter's Tape
Rubber Gloves


Step 1. Wipe down the surface of the jar that you will be placing the stencil down on

Step 2. Place your stencil on the surface of the cup

Step 3. Use the painters tape to tape off around the stencil along with any spaces between the lettering that you do not want the etching cream to seep through to!

Step 4. Put on gloves! Apply the etching cream overtop of the stencil in a thick layer until you can barely see the stencil itself

Step 5. Let the etching cream sit for the desired time, according to the directions on the bottle. I had to leave mine on for at least 15 minutes.

Step 6. Put on gloves! Wash the etching cream off under the tap! (Your adhesive stencils should be reusable)

Step 7. Dry.

Step 8. You're all done!

Let me know how this project went if you tried it out!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CarlieStylez & The Mom's View Tanks | First Impression & Review

I usually don't buy printed tanks or t-shirts often because I usually think they are super tacky, but I had to get these ones! Not only are these tank tops made my some of my favorite women on youtube, but they were also on sale! I purchased these tanks from Rodeo Arcade, and unfortunately they took about 1-2 months to fill my order, and it wasn't until I tweeted and emailed them about the issue that they finally sent me my order. (p.s. I was kind of sad that I didn't get the Shaytards Calendar that was signed by everyone because I know I would've gotten one!) After I did email Rodeo Arcade about the issue they sent my order right away, and although it took another 2 weeks to arrive, I was finally happy that my package was in my possession! Rodeo Arcade did give me a discount code for the next time I ordered something though...so that was nice! (note to self: use discount code on another CarlieStylez shirt!)

Moving on to the actual merchandise...I decided to purchase the CarlieStylez 'Don't Give Up On You!' & The Mom's View Tanks! Let me tell you, they are awesome! I absolutely love the color of the CarlieStylez tank because I mean... who doesn't love color? The only thing that I would wish from this tank was that it was a little more durable & less thin! I just am mentioning it because 'The Mom's View' Tank is made with a thicker fabric. Nonetheless, both tanks are cute, adorable & are great for working out or just running out and about in! If you haven't gone ahead and purchased one or both of these tanks yourself, GO DO IT (NOW)! (note... I am not sponsored by rodeo arcade but I wish I was.... )
Don't Give Up On You!

Have you checked out these wonderful ladies yet? If not, do so now! CarlieStylezThe Mom's ViewHeyKayliSharzad Kiadeh (LuxLyfe), Angel Laketa MooreKatilette!