Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CarlieStylez & The Mom's View Tanks | First Impression & Review

I usually don't buy printed tanks or t-shirts often because I usually think they are super tacky, but I had to get these ones! Not only are these tank tops made my some of my favorite women on youtube, but they were also on sale! I purchased these tanks from Rodeo Arcade, and unfortunately they took about 1-2 months to fill my order, and it wasn't until I tweeted and emailed them about the issue that they finally sent me my order. (p.s. I was kind of sad that I didn't get the Shaytards Calendar that was signed by everyone because I know I would've gotten one!) After I did email Rodeo Arcade about the issue they sent my order right away, and although it took another 2 weeks to arrive, I was finally happy that my package was in my possession! Rodeo Arcade did give me a discount code for the next time I ordered something that was nice! (note to self: use discount code on another CarlieStylez shirt!)

Moving on to the actual merchandise...I decided to purchase the CarlieStylez 'Don't Give Up On You!' & The Mom's View Tanks! Let me tell you, they are awesome! I absolutely love the color of the CarlieStylez tank because I mean... who doesn't love color? The only thing that I would wish from this tank was that it was a little more durable & less thin! I just am mentioning it because 'The Mom's View' Tank is made with a thicker fabric. Nonetheless, both tanks are cute, adorable & are great for working out or just running out and about in! If you haven't gone ahead and purchased one or both of these tanks yourself, GO DO IT (NOW)! (note... I am not sponsored by rodeo arcade but I wish I was.... )
Don't Give Up On You!

Have you checked out these wonderful ladies yet? If not, do so now! CarlieStylezThe Mom's ViewHeyKayliSharzad Kiadeh (LuxLyfe), Angel Laketa MooreKatilette!



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