Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Tea(m) Towels | Do It Yourself

Couples Set: Tea(m) Towels

This week has been full of DIYs hasn't it!? Since we are on the theme of couples gifts this week, I thought it would only be appropriate to finish this weeks DIYs off with some Tea(m) Towels! These Tea(m) towels were inspired off of etsy, actually! I wanted to find a cheap and quick way to create these towels especially if you are a on a budget! If you need a visual of the steps that I will be listing below you can watch the corresponding youtube video that I posted on my youtube channel! These tea towels are perfect for clean up messes & connecting you and your darling in the kitchen!


Tea Towels (preferably a canvas materials or something of a similar texture)
Fabric Paint
Printed Stencil (The font I used was Snell Roundhand & the font size was 364.5)


Make sure to have your stencils printed and ready to go!

Step 1. Protect your surface! If you have a thin tea towel the worst that could happen is your fabric paint seeps down to your working surface and stains it!

Step 2. Take your stencil and place it underneath your tea towel. (note: if your tea towel is too thick to see the stencil through the fabric on the surface that you are working on, then I would suggest taping your stencil to a window & then do the same with your tea towel! This way the light can shine right through the fabric and you are able to see your design!)

Step 3. Draw!

Step 4. Let it dry! Make sure to let it try all the way before you do anything with it! You don't want to smudge your design.

Step 5. Enjoy!

I hope you were able to follow along! If you have any other DIYs you would like to see please let me know!



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