Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Survive Through Midterms & Finals | Survival Guide

If you haven't noticed...I haven't been posting lately! I do have a legitimate reason for it though! I've been cracking the books open and gluing my eyes to every single word on each page. Just hasn't been that hardcore but actually...just about! Now, everything that I will be talking about is just my opinion on this topic. Someone else may think: "well, that's stupid", but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so lets get started. I'm sure all of you reading this post have gone through some sort of experience of writing a midterm or final. If you haven't...then... I wish I was you. Being in my first year of university I have experienced many new things! For example, taking an exam that is worth 45% of your grade. No big deal right? Nope, especially not after you've written 2 other exams and had to have a 1500 word english essay done all on the same day! University isn't always the easiest, but I hope that my tips & tricks, that are learnt from my experiences, will help at least make your life a little bit more bearable!

1. Toss the Junk. Having a high calorie diet full of salts, fats and processed foods can have an effect on how you think, how you react, and how you comprehend. I always find myself eating when I'm bored, and that always ends up with me eating things that aren't so great for my body! Eat fresh fruits, veggies, and have a well rounded diet overall for an open mind ready to take in knowledge!

2. Drink Water. Is it just me or does sipping on some water clear your mind? Having your daily 8 cups of water each day is a great way for you to not only think more clearly and have the juices flowing up to your brain; but it will also help with keeping your skin bright and clear while you are focusing on your studies and have no time to put on any makeup!

3. SLEEP. I am really bad for this one but sleep is essential! I know we all think that we can pull an all-nighter the evening before the exam but this definitely isn't an effective way to study! Having a full nights rest the night before your exam allows your brain to recharge so when you wake up you can think clearly and without any fumbles!

4. Save the date. Make set dates and times that you will study! Don't forget to write it down either! Writing it down not only makes it feel more official but giving yourself a set time period to study makes you accountable to do so.

5. Prep. Reading over material before the class begins will help you clear up questions that you might have after reading the material before hand

6. Review. After each class, review the material that you learned. It is much easier to learn the material in separate sittings rather than all in one sitting!

7. Give yourself a break. Not only is a lack of sleep not effective when trying to comprehend while studying but also having too long of a study session can hinder your ability to learn! If you are having a longer study session make sure to take a break and let your brain breath!

8. Reward Yourself. Sometimes we just need a little reward after working so hard. Go out and get that top you really wanted or maybe go out for a little treat!

Like I said, hopefully these tips that I've learnt through my experiences will help you stress less about your upcoming exams! When it all comes down to it though, do what works best for you!

Are there any other tips that YOU use for studying?

Best of Luck,


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