Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Floral Letter | Do It Yourself

Spring is finally rolling in and I found the perfect DIY to kick start the season! I saw this cute inspiration when I was just browsing through the internet and couldn't resist but recreate the idea for all of you! This is a perfect piece of decor to decorate your room with and can really be customized so that it fits who you are! (You can even customize this for a boys room!) What I loved most about this DIY is that it can be used for all ages, genders and any kind of event! I think this craft would be beautiful as wedding initials of a bride and groom! Oooooo. How excited I get when I think about the endless possibilities there are!

- Faux flowers: I bought some of these from Michael's craft store and my local dollar store! (p.s. The larger flowers that I purchased from Michael's did cost a bit more ($3-$4), so to lower the cost of this project I chose a few accent/larger flowers and the rest were just cheaper "filler" flowers!)
- 2 Soft Cork boards (or you can get a wooden letter, which would be ideal!)
- Printed stencil (Times New Roman, Size 888)
- Scissors (X-acto knife would be better!)
- Hot glue gun w/hot glue (E600 is an alternative you can use!)
- 3 pieces of 15 inch string (optional)

Step 1. De-stem the flowers! For most of these fake flowers you should easily be able to pull the flower off the actual stem. If it is too difficult then use your scissors to cut the stem off. I usually try and make sure the base of the flower is as flat as it can be so that it will stick down on the letter.

Step 2. Cut out the letter that you printed off the computer! (Note: What I did to get the perfect stencil was: I typed out the letter that I wanted in Microsoft Word at size 888 in the font of my choice (Times New Roman). Then I copy and pasted that into paint. After it was in paint I just traced a square around the letter with the dashed line thing..I think it's used to select images..succeeding this I went ahead and copied the image/letter in paint and pasted it back into Microsoft Word. To make this less complicated I'm sure you could have just went on google and found a picture of your letter to print off)

Step 3. Take your cork board, place the stencil you cut out on top of the cork board, trace around the stencil then go ahead and cut it out! (I did cut out the cork board with a pair of scissors but obviously if the cork was too tough or soft it would be much easier to cut it out with an X-acto knife!). REPEAT THIS ONCE MORE, TO MAKE YOUR CUT OUT STURDY! (note: if you are using a wooden letter, you can skip this step!)

Step 4. Pre-place your flowers onto your letter before you glue them on. This will allow you to see what arrangements you might like and what you might not like.

Step 5. Glue your flowers into place. (Although I pre-placed my flowers before gluing, I found that I kept changing my mind up until I actually glued down the flowers!)

Step 6. If you are going to be using a string to hang your letter. Cut out three 15 inch strings! To make sure the string won't break I just braided the string to make it heavier duty.

Step 7. Glue or tape the string to the back of your letter

Step 8. Hang your letter!

I hope you enjoyed and followed along with this little adorable DIY! I think it is so cute and gives a simple personalized touch to whatever space you need.

If there are any other DIYs you'd like for me to recreate go ahead and leave them down below or tweet me them @jennsphilosophy!

Best of Luck!


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