Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Hunt Treats | Easter

Happy Easter! Easter is always such a happy time of the year, I feel. Before and after! The feeling of spring, renewal and birth is just so lighthearted. Since my birthday just passed, on Good Friday, I got many Easter-like gifts! In addition to this, I also got more delicious candies afterwards as well! I wanted to share with you all the Easter goodies I got! Are there any in my bunch that you got as well? (p.s. You see that huge bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs? Well it's just about the same size or bigger than my head! p.s.s. Thanks Kai! They're awesome!)
Ferrero Eggs: Cocoa and Hazelnut filled
Cadbury Creme Egg
Cadbury Lil' Scoops: Vanilla & Kinder Mini Eggs
Hollow milk chocolate chick filled with mini Smarties
Cadbury Mini Eggs
M&M Speckled Easter Eggs
M&M: Easter Edition

What is your favorite thing about Easter!?



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