Friday, April 18, 2014

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! | Birthday

Everyone loves birthdays! At least I would hope so. There is just something special about turn a year older (this is rather stressful for older people as they begin thinking of aging...but let's not think about that), you get to eat cake, and most importantly you have an excuse to celebrate and gather lots of people together! It's not about the presents (although, I did get some pretty awesome ones!), its about the bonding experiences and this year is exactly what I got to do! After a delicious dinner with my family and friends, we headed off to my house and had a get-together! (This wasn't big enough to be classified as a party haha). I'm not the type of person who likes to go clubbing and to the bars to get wasted. It isn't really my thing and hasn't ever really been something that has been appealing to me. When I do go though, it is always the experience of being with my friends that makes it worthwhile but anyways. The get-together I had was definitely a very memorable and FUNNY one! If you haven't played The Game of Things or Cards Against Humanity you should! We played both games and it lasted us hours of laughter! This year was one of the years I really enjoyed my birthday. Is it weird that you don't get as excited or sad that your birthday comes and goes anymore? I remember being a child and so excited the night before and the day of my birthday, then when it was over I would be so sad. Nowadays, it doesn't seem to phase me as much. Is this normal? If you haven't seen my Get Ready with Me: Birthday Edition video go ahead and check it out! 

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