Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bite Size Caprese Salad | Recipe

Shining sun, patios and cool drinks are finally coming back into season! My favorite time of year is definitely summer since all there is, is warm weather and cool breezes. What I look most forward to during the summers are patio parties. Why? I love gathering people together and spending time with them! Now, you can't have a party without food and that's why I thought these Bite Size Caprese Salads were a perfect finger food to make for your next party! THESE ARE SO EASY I COULD MAKE THEM WITH MY EYES CLOSED! (i'm not kidding)

- Tomato on the Vine (also known as Campari Tomatoes)
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Fresh Basil Leaves
- Balsamic Vinegar (Optional)

1. Wash your tomatoes, cut off the very top where it attaches to the vine and scoop out the inside until the tomato is hollow.

2. Stuff each tomato with a fresh basil leaf
3. Cut a cube of mozzarella cheese and stuff that into the hollow tomato with the basil leaf (I used a melon baller for this since my mozzarella cheese was so soft! This made the perfect sized ball for the tomato!)
4. If you are serving these right away you can drizzle a little bit of balsamic vinegar over top of these babies or you can leave a side dish of balsamic vinegar to dip (if some of your guests don't like vinegar).
5. Enjoy!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Mani Monday | Watercolor Tribals

The spring weather is finally rolling in and I love it! To ring in the beautiful sunshine and warm breezes I thought I would do something fun with my nails! I was definitely inspired by the watercolor trend going on right now along with the beautiful light blue colors! (Oh and you can't forget a little bit of sparkle!)


Friday, May 16, 2014

M&M White Chocolate Carrot Cake | First Impression + Review

Holy moly! These M&Ms exist?! I was completely floored when I found out that there were such things as these kinds of M&Ms! I definitely have to give a formal thank you to Anna Saccone for introducing these delicious delights to me! I love her family's daily vlogs and discovered them through there. (p.s. their daughter, Emilia, is so cute!)

Back to the M&Ms, this was a seasonal candy that came out during Easter so it was hell trying to find these after that date, but I managed to get my hands on quite a few bags!

Have you ever had those moments where you know if you have high expectations for something that you will be very disappointed if those expectations aren't met? I tend to do this especially when other people recommend things and then they don't turn out as great as I thought they would be. Well, I knew if I set my expectations too high then I would be disappointed but nonetheless I kept my high expectations since Anna Saccone had raved about these delicious candies so much!

First Impression + Review
Now, the size of these M&Ms are actually bigger than your regular ones. I would say their thickness is about 1/2", which I thought would make the taste of the candy overpowering but it was the perfect size! (They also had an outer coating of green, orange and white!) To my surprise, these candies were better than just delicious, they were amazing! These White Chocolate Carrot Cake M&Ms tasted just like your grandmas homemade recipe! You can taste the spices and even a hint of that cream cheese frosting. I couldn't stop popping these M&Ms into my mouth...they were that good! I definitely think that using white chocolate as the base for this candy was a great choice just because you can add flavoring and actually taste it! (Unlike some food attempts that M&M tries to recreate). Now, the aftertaste didn't alter either which was great, it continued to taste like the initial carrot cake flavor! What I loved about these M&Ms are that they give me the satisfaction of eating my 2nd favorite cake (cheese cake is always my first!) without having to feel guilty for packing on the hundreds of calories in one slice! They're perfect as a light dessert or snack! (These would taste so good in a trail mix with walnuts! ooooo I can imagine their goodness now!)

I'm so glad I actually love these chocolates and went ahead and bought a basketful of these candies on a whim because if didn't love them...I'd be stuck with $30 worth of M&Ms! Oh...the things I do to try different foods.

Would I repurchase this product?
YES! I DEFINITELY would repurchase this product! I think I'm going to stock up even more next easter! YUM!

If you are wanting some of these candies, which I completely recommend, then you better get online and snatch some up because I don't think stores are carrying them now!

Now pardon me while I get back to eating my M&Ms!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I ate Wednesday | Food

I definitely love me some delicious food, all day..everyday! Today I was craving a delicious burger and that's what I had with a side of some Terra Chips! Terra Chips are exotic vegetable chips and I must say that sometimes I love these more than regular potato chips! On top of all this I also added some pepperoni sticks, sliced Ukrainian sausage and some cheese blocks! Yum!!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Poo-Pourri | First Impression + Review

"Yes it is a real product, and it really works!" Who would've known that this product actually existed! (I thought that commercial on Youtube was fake!) I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw this in a local shop on one of my favorite shopping strips! I knew that I had to grab a bottle and try it for myself. I of course thought that this was some sort of gimmick but I still went ahead and put a $10.00 gamble to it, and tried it out for myself. (If you don't know what Poo-Pourri is, it is an air refresher for you toilet bowl!)

Scent: No.2 (This has berry smelling essential oils in it! Yum!)
Spray that shit everywhere!
Now, when I initially saw the Poo-Pourri display I was just shocked and couldn't believe how many different scents there were. Being me, I of course had to smell every single bottle so that I could choose the perfect scent. 

My first impression was most definitely taken over by disbelief as I didn't think this shit was real (haha). Nonetheless, when I began smelling all the bottles I felt that each scent smelt a little bit different but overall generally the same. (Some smelled more floral than others - p.s. I hate floral scents). Each bottle contains some sort of essential oil in them that helps mask the smell of your awful dump. Although most of the bottles smelled generally the same, the packaging was definitely different for each bottle. (I must say that Poo-Pourri did a great job at making a shit-masking-spray look cute!) Oh! I forgot to mention that the spray looks like milk which was kind of interesting in my opinion. 

The real test didn't come down until I had to make a little trip to the ladies room. Being so excited to see if this spray actually worked, I went ahead and quickly skimmed through the instructions which told me to spray 4-6 spritz along the surface of the water in the toilet bowl. Once done, I went straight to do my No.2 (which by the way is the scent of the spray I got) and was surprised to find that I didn't smell anything but the spray. Yes of course you get a small whiff of your humanly excretions but we can't ever except a product to work 100% (just 98%). 

Overall, I would say this product actually works and would make a great gag gift to any of your smelly friends out there (I have one who loves to explode the toilet), would be a fantastic edition to your purse or would be great to just have a bottle laying around in your bathroom at home or at the workplace.

Now, after spraying it in the toilet, and it working so well, I wondered if it would help veil the repulsive smell emitting from my shoes. You know what!? It did! Instead of buying the actual bottle of Shoe-Pourri (The shoe deodorizing spray) I just used the one I already had, and it works great! If you haven't purchased a bottle for yourself, you need to because Febreeze can't even cover up the smell of your dump nor your disgusting foot door. I just spray that shit everywhere!

If you haven't checked out Poo-Pourri you can go ahead by clicking here!



Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Gift: "10 Things That Make You So Sweet" | Do It Yourself

Mother's Day is coming up and every year I wonder what I'm going to gift the motherly figures in my life! After years and years of gift giving to the lovely ladies in my life I realized that it's not about what you get them but the thought that goes into it. This year instead of buying something materialistic I thought I would create something! What better than receiving a jar full of things that someone loves about you!? In addition to this little DIY I created, I also paired it with some delicious, sweet cupcakes!

- Mason Jar
- Strips of paper
- Pen
- Faux Flower
- Glue
Step 1. Cut out 10 strips of paper! They can be any size as long as they will fit in your jar!

Step 2. Write down your special notes on to the strips then fold them up!

Step 3. I had an adhesive label available but if you don't you can find a printout online and just hot glue it to the jar.

Step 4. Go ahead and glue your flower onto the lid of the mason jar. (I de-stemed my flower and cut off the base of the flower to get it to stick flat onto the lid)

Step 5. Pair this cute gift with some sort of treat whether it's candy, chocolate or cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed and followed along with this quick and easy DIY to give those special motherly figures in your life this Mother's Day!

Here is a visual of how I made this DIY!



Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz & Lu | First Impression + Review

After seeing these delicious snacks on the SacconeJolys, the daily vlog I watch ...I scoured high and low to find these treats! It wasn't until I went to a specialty candy store that sells candies and snacks from Europe, did I find these!
Left - Ritz, Right - Lu
I am always the kind of person who LOVES to try new foods and little quirky things! I love the idea that you can combine salty and sweet! This cracker/chocolate combo definitely caught my eye! Now, on to the taste, I expected the Ritz to be a lot saltier and cheesier. When I think of Ritz crackers I think of the round cheddar flavoured ones. Unfortunately it didn't taste like the ones I am usually familiar with. The cracker honestly tasted like a plain cracker with chocolate. I was a little bit disappointed with this chocolate bar. Now, the Lu was exactly what I expected. The cracker was thick and just like a Lu. I enjoyed the sweetness from the Lu that balanced out the sweetness from the chocolate! Regardless, both chocolate bars tasted delicious but I don't think it is anything too special. I could easily go out and purchase a box of Ritz, Lu, and some cadbury chocolate then simply combine them together to come out with the same product. It is cute how they come in the bar form though!