Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz & Lu | First Impression + Review

After seeing these delicious snacks on the SacconeJolys, the daily vlog I watch ...I scoured high and low to find these treats! It wasn't until I went to a specialty candy store that sells candies and snacks from Europe, did I find these!
Left - Ritz, Right - Lu
I am always the kind of person who LOVES to try new foods and little quirky things! I love the idea that you can combine salty and sweet! This cracker/chocolate combo definitely caught my eye! Now, on to the taste, I expected the Ritz to be a lot saltier and cheesier. When I think of Ritz crackers I think of the round cheddar flavoured ones. Unfortunately it didn't taste like the ones I am usually familiar with. The cracker honestly tasted like a plain cracker with chocolate. I was a little bit disappointed with this chocolate bar. Now, the Lu was exactly what I expected. The cracker was thick and just like a Lu. I enjoyed the sweetness from the Lu that balanced out the sweetness from the chocolate! Regardless, both chocolate bars tasted delicious but I don't think it is anything too special. I could easily go out and purchase a box of Ritz, Lu, and some cadbury chocolate then simply combine them together to come out with the same product. It is cute how they come in the bar form though!



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