Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Gift: "10 Things That Make You So Sweet" | Do It Yourself

Mother's Day is coming up and every year I wonder what I'm going to gift the motherly figures in my life! After years and years of gift giving to the lovely ladies in my life I realized that it's not about what you get them but the thought that goes into it. This year instead of buying something materialistic I thought I would create something! What better than receiving a jar full of things that someone loves about you!? In addition to this little DIY I created, I also paired it with some delicious, sweet cupcakes!

- Mason Jar
- Strips of paper
- Pen
- Faux Flower
- Glue
Step 1. Cut out 10 strips of paper! They can be any size as long as they will fit in your jar!

Step 2. Write down your special notes on to the strips then fold them up!

Step 3. I had an adhesive label available but if you don't you can find a printout online and just hot glue it to the jar.

Step 4. Go ahead and glue your flower onto the lid of the mason jar. (I de-stemed my flower and cut off the base of the flower to get it to stick flat onto the lid)

Step 5. Pair this cute gift with some sort of treat whether it's candy, chocolate or cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed and followed along with this quick and easy DIY to give those special motherly figures in your life this Mother's Day!

Here is a visual of how I made this DIY!



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