Friday, May 16, 2014

M&M White Chocolate Carrot Cake | First Impression + Review

Holy moly! These M&Ms exist?! I was completely floored when I found out that there were such things as these kinds of M&Ms! I definitely have to give a formal thank you to Anna Saccone for introducing these delicious delights to me! I love her family's daily vlogs and discovered them through there. (p.s. their daughter, Emilia, is so cute!)

Back to the M&Ms, this was a seasonal candy that came out during Easter so it was hell trying to find these after that date, but I managed to get my hands on quite a few bags!

Have you ever had those moments where you know if you have high expectations for something that you will be very disappointed if those expectations aren't met? I tend to do this especially when other people recommend things and then they don't turn out as great as I thought they would be. Well, I knew if I set my expectations too high then I would be disappointed but nonetheless I kept my high expectations since Anna Saccone had raved about these delicious candies so much!

First Impression + Review
Now, the size of these M&Ms are actually bigger than your regular ones. I would say their thickness is about 1/2", which I thought would make the taste of the candy overpowering but it was the perfect size! (They also had an outer coating of green, orange and white!) To my surprise, these candies were better than just delicious, they were amazing! These White Chocolate Carrot Cake M&Ms tasted just like your grandmas homemade recipe! You can taste the spices and even a hint of that cream cheese frosting. I couldn't stop popping these M&Ms into my mouth...they were that good! I definitely think that using white chocolate as the base for this candy was a great choice just because you can add flavoring and actually taste it! (Unlike some food attempts that M&M tries to recreate). Now, the aftertaste didn't alter either which was great, it continued to taste like the initial carrot cake flavor! What I loved about these M&Ms are that they give me the satisfaction of eating my 2nd favorite cake (cheese cake is always my first!) without having to feel guilty for packing on the hundreds of calories in one slice! They're perfect as a light dessert or snack! (These would taste so good in a trail mix with walnuts! ooooo I can imagine their goodness now!)

I'm so glad I actually love these chocolates and went ahead and bought a basketful of these candies on a whim because if didn't love them...I'd be stuck with $30 worth of M&Ms! Oh...the things I do to try different foods.

Would I repurchase this product?
YES! I DEFINITELY would repurchase this product! I think I'm going to stock up even more next easter! YUM!

If you are wanting some of these candies, which I completely recommend, then you better get online and snatch some up because I don't think stores are carrying them now!

Now pardon me while I get back to eating my M&Ms!


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