Sunday, May 11, 2014

Poo-Pourri | First Impression + Review

"Yes it is a real product, and it really works!" Who would've known that this product actually existed! (I thought that commercial on Youtube was fake!) I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw this in a local shop on one of my favorite shopping strips! I knew that I had to grab a bottle and try it for myself. I of course thought that this was some sort of gimmick but I still went ahead and put a $10.00 gamble to it, and tried it out for myself. (If you don't know what Poo-Pourri is, it is an air refresher for you toilet bowl!)

Scent: No.2 (This has berry smelling essential oils in it! Yum!)
Spray that shit everywhere!
Now, when I initially saw the Poo-Pourri display I was just shocked and couldn't believe how many different scents there were. Being me, I of course had to smell every single bottle so that I could choose the perfect scent. 

My first impression was most definitely taken over by disbelief as I didn't think this shit was real (haha). Nonetheless, when I began smelling all the bottles I felt that each scent smelt a little bit different but overall generally the same. (Some smelled more floral than others - p.s. I hate floral scents). Each bottle contains some sort of essential oil in them that helps mask the smell of your awful dump. Although most of the bottles smelled generally the same, the packaging was definitely different for each bottle. (I must say that Poo-Pourri did a great job at making a shit-masking-spray look cute!) Oh! I forgot to mention that the spray looks like milk which was kind of interesting in my opinion. 

The real test didn't come down until I had to make a little trip to the ladies room. Being so excited to see if this spray actually worked, I went ahead and quickly skimmed through the instructions which told me to spray 4-6 spritz along the surface of the water in the toilet bowl. Once done, I went straight to do my No.2 (which by the way is the scent of the spray I got) and was surprised to find that I didn't smell anything but the spray. Yes of course you get a small whiff of your humanly excretions but we can't ever except a product to work 100% (just 98%). 

Overall, I would say this product actually works and would make a great gag gift to any of your smelly friends out there (I have one who loves to explode the toilet), would be a fantastic edition to your purse or would be great to just have a bottle laying around in your bathroom at home or at the workplace.

Now, after spraying it in the toilet, and it working so well, I wondered if it would help veil the repulsive smell emitting from my shoes. You know what!? It did! Instead of buying the actual bottle of Shoe-Pourri (The shoe deodorizing spray) I just used the one I already had, and it works great! If you haven't purchased a bottle for yourself, you need to because Febreeze can't even cover up the smell of your dump nor your disgusting foot door. I just spray that shit everywhere!

If you haven't checked out Poo-Pourri you can go ahead by clicking here!



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