Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life Update | Update

Hi, hi Lovlies! I know I've been rather MIA for the past little while...! The past 6 months have been so hectic and they aren't slowing down much! The past month seems like it has been the busiest! I have so many projects that I have taken on and some are finally coming to a halt while others are just picking up! Don't worry. I will be sharing all of these projects here on my blog! I have an exciting and final BACK-TO-SCHOOL project! I know it's almost the end of September but... It's still September... so... it's justifiable ;) I'm hoping to start getting more into lifestyle and fashion on my blog in addition to DIYs, which I have many ideas for but not enough time to even gather materials! On top of all these projects, the school season is in full gear yet again and I have a midterm this upcoming week. Holy smokes..where has time gone?! Since things aren't slowing down, I guess I have to just speed up! Thanks so much for all your support! You really have no idea how much I appreciate it! Blogging is something I really love to do! So, keep your pretty eyes peeled for some new blog posts coming up soon!


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