Friday, February 19, 2016

My New Year's Resolutions | 2016

With the past year being so incredible, I couldn't help but think of creating a 2016 resolution list! 2015's definitely stuck and I'm so glad to report back that I almost completed in all my resolutions. Woohoo! (Click Here to see last year's resolutions!) So, I thought...why not try it again!? Presenting...2016's version!

1. Blog at least once a week. I'm actually serious about it this time! I really want to pick up on my blog and make it more of a priority.

2. Save. Learning how to budget and watch my finances is super important to me and hopefully this year I can definitely get better at that!

3. Intercede Impulse. I know this might sound silly but sometimes I act out of impulse. I want to think before acting and think of the pros and cons before moving forward with any decisions that I make. 

4. Reflect. I feel like reflecting and taking account of what you may be pondering about is very important. It kind of helps you reset and rebalance so that you are able to better judge what you want or what your next step may be. 

5. Trust. Trust in what is now and remember that the past sometime does not have to do with what is happening now. 

6. Intent. I want to act out of intent. To watch what I'm doing or saying. Rather than just mindlessly living life, I want to live life with intention.

7. Grace. This is something I want to always be able to do. No matter what life throws at me, I want to be able to take it with grace and respond with grace.

8. Charity. This year, I want to be able to act in charity. To help others and to be more charitable because Charity Never Faileth.

9. Strive in School. School has always been important to me but I feel that I had never really developed good school habits. This year I really want to strive at becoming more serious about school and really working my hardest to succeed!

10. Healthy Heart. 2015 definitely helped me kick start the desire to be healthier in terms of exercising more often and eating better. This year I want to keep these habits more consistent and work at getting the body I've always wanted!

12. Language Love. My major and minor are both languages. French and Spanish. I definitely hope that I can put an emphasis on improving my knowledge in both of these and become fully fluent!

13. Get better at cooking. Expansion of my knowledge in food and cooking is something that is well in my realm of interest. Also, being a great cook is a wonderful skill to have!

14. Punctuality. I really want to make an effort to be more punctual, if not early, with all things that I'm doing. 

15. Time Management. Being able to properly plan for assignments, studying, or tasks is something I want to improve on this year. Being able to properly time manage will hopefully help reduce any unnecessary stress and keep me on top of things

16. Patience. Patience is a virtue. 

17. Drink more water. 8 cups a day!

18. Travel. Explore. Adventure. Learn of what this world has to offer.

19. Love. Trust. Love like there's no tomorrow. 

20. Be Happy. Do what makes me happy.

Have you made your list yet? If so, how are yours coming along? Let me know!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

a year in review | 2015

Being nearly 2 months into 2016, and having the Christmas/New Year hustle & bustle over, I thought it was about time to really reflect on what the past year has done for me! Where do I even begin with what 2015 was and what it meant?!

I went back in time and took a look at my 2015 New Year's Resolutions (you can take a look at them HERE, if you'd like!) The first thing that popped up onto the screen, when I opened the post was: This will be my year. As soon as I saw this, a smile grew from ear to ear on my face. Looking back in hindsight at all that 2015 was, I could definitely and by far say that, it was the best year of my life. That's a big statement to make but I can definitely say that with pride!

2015 has helped me grow in so many ways that I didn't even think were imaginable. There were so many changes that really helped shape me into the person I am today! I know that sounds silly. How can someone seem completely transformed after a year? I couldn't possibly tell happened and it happened to me. This year has been nothing but a blessing and I'm so fortunate to have had the year that I did. Despite this, 2015 was definitely not all rainbows and sunshine! My 2015 started off in a rut. Which sucked, but as unfavorable it was.. I think that this rut turned out to be a lesson. A valuable lesson. A lesson that changed my life for the better. 2015 taught me how to be independent. It taught me that I didn't have to depend on anyone else but me. This past year was really full of crazy changes, changes that included leaving a longterm relationship with someone that I had been with since high school. This was the best decision that I had ever made for myself. Leaving this relationship allowed me to realize the independence that I had in myself. In the 3.5 years that I was with this person and had lost myself, 2015 allowed me to find myself again. It allowed me to find the person I was. The person that I didn't get to develop in those crucial years between high school and the beginning stages of university. Leaving this relationship ultimately allowed me to really pursue my love to travel. It allowed me to travel to a place of old & refined love. This was Quebec City. This city, with its endless cobblestone, its tasteful architecture and its undying love language of french, had me wrapped around its finger. Oh, this city. I wouldn't trade the world for the knowledge I learned, the memories I made, and the life long friends that I met. Je me souviens.

With this firing passion to travel, in play, I had jetsetted to two different greek conferences over the summer. Both of which allowed me to learn so much about leadership and about myself. Of the two conferences I went to, AFLV LeaderShape really helped me realize the desire I had to want to succeed. It taught me to not be afraid of being ambitious and driven. AFLVs LeaderShape changed my life as much as leaving my past relationship did. I couldn't believe that a conference could teach me so much about leadership and how to take charge of my own life. A real shoutout goes to all those at AFLV for hosting LeaderShape! Cheers to the Lambda Class!

2015 really was the year of travel and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I got to go to places that I never dreamed of going to. During my time in Quebec, I took an 8 hour road trip all the way down to the Big Apple! New York was absolutely incredible and everything that I could've ever imagined. The city really never sleeps and traveling there solo really allowed me to feel the independent, working lifestyle that it exudes! LA and it's hot, relaxing and easy lifestyle reminded me of how much I loved the beach and the simplicity of just living life to it's fullest. The city is absolutely incredible if you really take the time to relax and take in it's beauty. Speaking of relaxing, and taking in beauty...San Diego was where I did much more of that. If you thought that LA had it all figured out..well you haven't seen the serene nature of San Diego with its nice lime bushes and it's beautiful running trails! And now, last but not least, Chicago - if my soulmate was a place, this would be it. Chicago has my heart in every which way possible. There is just something about it that pulls at my heart every time.

Travelling was a big part of my 2015, but so was school! I finally decided on the career path that I wanted to pursue. Now, I am really enjoying school, love the classes that I am taking and really feel the thrive to learn again. It's really crazy the difference of doing what you love can make. In addition to school, I also decided to take on a leadership role within my the National Panhellenic Council! You're looking at the 2016 Vice President External! I hope to do many things for my school in promoting Greek Life through the joys & fulfillment it can bring to student's University career. It will be great!

If I had a theme to label 2015, it would be growth. I feel that 2015 was a year of growth, not only did I leave a relationship, travel, and gain self-knowledge but I also took a big step in being more independent. I moved out! This was a big step that I think I needed to take for myself to fully bring out the potential I had to grow. After living in Quebec City, to study abroad, I realized what I could do and how I felt when I was living on my own. Being completely honest, I loved it so much. It gave me my own space, space which I didn't really have while living at home with my parents. Now, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my family with all my heart. I love them so much, but sometimes...distance makes the heart grow fonder. With moving out, I am able to see all that they do for me more. I am able to appreciate all the things that they do as parents to make sure that I succeed.

Just when I thought that 2015 was going to wind down. I was taken on a turn that I didn't expect. A good turn. A turn that showed me that love never faileth. ;)

Now with old ends, comes new beginnings. You know what they say right? Good things come to those who wait. 2015 was full of personal growth, travel, happiness & so much more; and I hope that 2016 isn't anything less than that. I hope that in this upcoming year, I am able to continue to refine who I am and what I want to be.

I really have to give a BIG THANKS to all those that made this past year incredibleMerci!

2015 meant the world to me and I wouldn't have had it any other way! Here's to hopes that 2016 is even better!


Friday, February 5, 2016

What is a Sorority? | My Sorority Experience

Hello Darlings,

There is often never a time when I mention that I'm in a sorority that I don't get strange looks or questions. So - let me set the record straight and tell you what it's all about, my experience behind it and how it has changed my life for the better.

I'll be honest with you, I don't think I ever really knew what a sorority was before I encountered one. My first encounter with sororities was at my school's Welcome Back Club's Fair! I remember walking past the booth and was definitely in all favour in avoiding these girls. I didn't know much about sororities but what I  thought I knew about them wasn't anything good. This was about all that happened in my first year, it wasn't until my second year that I remember passing by the booth again! This time I saw two familiar faces, from my 1st year english class, at the booth! I stopped by to say "Hi!". After catching up and having them explain what a sorority is, I was totally sold on going through formal recruitment. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but I was definitely ready!

The following week, formal recruitment had finally begun! Some people have asked me if it was all that I ever imagined, but since I didn't know what it was going to be like, I didn't know what to expect. No expectations = No disappointments! This was exactly how it was! Formal Recruitment was super fun and was definitely something to remember! To read my full recruitment experience, click HERE!

Since joining and fully initiating into a sorority, I can only tell you the joys and wonders that it has given me! Being part of a sorority has not only allowed me the opportunities to travel but also has allowed me the opportunities to meet such incredible people not only within my own city but also people from cities all across America! I really cannot describe the bonds that I have formed with all these individuals. Individuals of not just my own sorority but those of other sororities and fraternities as well. What's so strange is the odd connection that we all have upon meeting each other. There just seems to be an instant bond that we all acquire that binds us so well! Some of these friends that I've met, I can call more than just friends. In addition to these unimaginable travels that my sorority has allowed me to go on, something equally as significant to me that I have gained from joining a sorority is the drive to be a leading woman. The drive to strive in scholarship, charity and so many other things that are helping me grow into a well-rounded individual. I have not only been able to be an active collegiate member of my sorority but I have also been able to serve as the Jr. Panhellenic Vice President External + the Panhellenic Vice President External on my Universities National Panhellenic Council.

Being in a sorority has helped me see the leadership potential that I have. It has allowed me to see that I can reach for the stars and touch every single one of them if I wanted to. In this capacity, being in a sorority has also helped me recognize the importance of charity. After all, Charity never faileth. What I can do as an individual to help others, through charity, can make a world of a difference to them. I am so glad to be part of a network of organizations that allows me to grow as a student, friend, sister, and most importantly, and individual.

I really could not list the benefits that joining a sorority has given to me on a single blog post. Joining a sisterhood that spans from coast-to-coast has really given me so much faith that the values that I'm learning, the people I am meeting and the skills I am gaining, will be remembered as a great blessing and will make me look back on my college years reminiscing on how very grateful for all that I had experienced.

I hope that if you haven't given joining a sorority (or if you're a guy, a fraternity) yet, that you really should. It will bring new wonders into your life that you never could imagine having before!