Friday, February 19, 2016

My New Year's Resolutions | 2016

With the past year being so incredible, I couldn't help but think of creating a 2016 resolution list! 2015's definitely stuck and I'm so glad to report back that I almost completed in all my resolutions. Woohoo! (Click Here to see last year's resolutions!) So, I thought...why not try it again!? Presenting...2016's version!

1. Blog at least once a week. I'm actually serious about it this time! I really want to pick up on my blog and make it more of a priority.

2. Save. Learning how to budget and watch my finances is super important to me and hopefully this year I can definitely get better at that!

3. Intercede Impulse. I know this might sound silly but sometimes I act out of impulse. I want to think before acting and think of the pros and cons before moving forward with any decisions that I make. 

4. Reflect. I feel like reflecting and taking account of what you may be pondering about is very important. It kind of helps you reset and rebalance so that you are able to better judge what you want or what your next step may be. 

5. Trust. Trust in what is now and remember that the past sometime does not have to do with what is happening now. 

6. Intent. I want to act out of intent. To watch what I'm doing or saying. Rather than just mindlessly living life, I want to live life with intention.

7. Grace. This is something I want to always be able to do. No matter what life throws at me, I want to be able to take it with grace and respond with grace.

8. Charity. This year, I want to be able to act in charity. To help others and to be more charitable because Charity Never Faileth.

9. Strive in School. School has always been important to me but I feel that I had never really developed good school habits. This year I really want to strive at becoming more serious about school and really working my hardest to succeed!

10. Healthy Heart. 2015 definitely helped me kick start the desire to be healthier in terms of exercising more often and eating better. This year I want to keep these habits more consistent and work at getting the body I've always wanted!

12. Language Love. My major and minor are both languages. French and Spanish. I definitely hope that I can put an emphasis on improving my knowledge in both of these and become fully fluent!

13. Get better at cooking. Expansion of my knowledge in food and cooking is something that is well in my realm of interest. Also, being a great cook is a wonderful skill to have!

14. Punctuality. I really want to make an effort to be more punctual, if not early, with all things that I'm doing. 

15. Time Management. Being able to properly plan for assignments, studying, or tasks is something I want to improve on this year. Being able to properly time manage will hopefully help reduce any unnecessary stress and keep me on top of things

16. Patience. Patience is a virtue. 

17. Drink more water. 8 cups a day!

18. Travel. Explore. Adventure. Learn of what this world has to offer.

19. Love. Trust. Love like there's no tomorrow. 

20. Be Happy. Do what makes me happy.

Have you made your list yet? If so, how are yours coming along? Let me know!


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